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Rewards :
#5 NPR annual Jazz critics poll 2013 – Debut album category (USA)
#5 CMJ Week 1300 Top Adds 2013 (USA)
#5 Best Album Jazz music category 2011 by the SundayTimes (UK)
‘Pick of the week’ on FIP radio show on France Musique 2011 (FR)
TT – Télérama 2011 (FR)

"A most wondrous thing takes place when Clotilde sings—wordlessly, sometimes… then using a given lyric. She seems not to beam her “vocalastics” through the electronics of a modern microphone, but rather through a gigantic prism that in turn rotates on an imaginary axis, controlled it would appear, by the power of her will." - Raul da Gama - Latin Jazz Network (CA) - September 2013

“I want to play some Clotilde. I thought that was one of the best vocal recording I've heard in ages." Michael Coyle, "Him & Slim", WRCU 90.1FM Colgate University, Hamilton NY (USA) – September 2013

“(…) the tension between Clotilde's disciplined but free-sprited incanting and the band's exquisite settings is the real attraction and lies far more in the aesthetic than the entertaining.(…)” Mark S. Tucker – Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange (USA) – August 2013

“Wenig dringt aus dem französischen Jazz zu uns. Wenn doch, ist es oft sehr gut, Z.B. die Sängerin Clotilde - In Extremis.” Sieg Constantin – “Jazz-Zeit“, Radio-Rum (DE) – August 2013
“Only a few material from the French jazz scene finally reach us. Though, when it happens it is often quite excellent, for example the French singer Clotilde and her album In Extremis.”

“Clotilde combines the laid-back hipness of a Helen Merrill or a Sheila Jordan with the kind of emotional interpretation of lyrics that one normally associates with rock or folk singers—yet her phrasing is pure jazz. (…) She has such great control of the voice and her material that she holds you, fascinated, in the palm of her hand (or, more accurately, vocal cords). (…) Rullaud is an extraordinary talent.” Lynn René Bayley – Fanfare Magazine (USA) – July 2013

“Clotilde's In Extremis is a nice dose of progressive jazz based stuff that escaped from the church basement and took on a life of it’s own. Fuelled by several levels of musical freedom, this wide ranging, ear opening date is a real treat for anyone looking for some vocal work that stretches well beyond the ordinary.” Chris Spector - Midwest Record - Lake Zurich IL, USA – July 2013

“Clotilde's In Extremis : very fine record. The best vocal record we've heard in months. Dark and yet lyrical. We'll spin it lots this summer.” Michael Coyle - "Him & Slim", WRCU 90.1FM Colgate University - Hamilton NY, USA – July 2013

“Clotilde's CD In Extremis, is incredibly intense and passionate. I was sceptical about a bass-less group. I was wrong; she was right.” Bill Stine - "Turn Table For One" - WMNR Fine Arts Radio - Clinton CT, USA – July 2013

“Clotilde In Extremis : “different” forward-thinking material that works for KMHD." Matt Fleeger - KMHD - JazzWeek “Station of the Year” 2012-13 - Portland OR, USA – July 2013

“Clotide's In Extremis is in the rotation as of today and will remain until I've played every tune." James Janisse - “The Wonderful World Of Jazz" - KEBN, Los Angeles CA, USA – July 2013

“Clotilde - A most interesting & intriguing voice/vocalist. Maybe not a mass appeal singer and will be an acquired taste, but she is clearly gifted with a unique and compelling sound & presence.” David "Jaye" Fabilli - "The Edge - Jazzin Around" - WNJR 91.7fm, Washington PA, USA – July 2013

“Clotilde has the vocal presence to make it all work seamlessly.” George Fendel – Jsojazzscene (USA) – July 2013

“Clotilde is a wonderful surprise. This French girl releases her voice as a "grown up singer". Her great performance as a singer is certainly associated to the great band she gathered to join her. Her album is highly recommended. » JC Elmer - Terra-Brazil (BR) – July 2013

“French vocalist Clotilde is a great surprise! Love her voice, great tracks and the backing group is amazing, this album is a gem.” Peter Kuller - Radio Adelaide (AU) – July 2013

“Clotilde touches our heart with her beautiful mezzo-soprano voice. The feminine and colorful sounds of ‘In Extremis’ fascinate us. This is her masterpiece!” Shigeyo Hyodo -Jazz Page (JP) – June 2013

“Clotilde : La voix qui monte.” Le Parisien (FR)– Novembre 2012
“Clotilde a rising voice.”

“Clotilde, while remaining faithful to the roots and tradition of vocal jazz, is a modern-day stylist. Much like a powerful magnet, she draws the listener near to her unique enticingly warm sound. I would recommend this excellent CD as an essential part of any Vocal Jazz library.” Guy Zinger - Adore Jazz Radio (NL) – October 2012

“Clotilde has the majestic maturity of a great performer. (…) Her singing style is delicate and grandiose, fresh and tasty, and incredibly thrilling. (…) a variety of intensities and registers, driven by a deep love for the original beauty of the melody. (…) absolutely convincing “ CatfishRecord (JP) – June 2012

“Her true purpose: challenging both song and voice in order to reach their full expression.” Obari Toshio – JazzCritics (JP) – June 2012

“Clotilde : a bluesy voice, bursting with jazz, expressively delicate and full of pure emotion… rich subtleties and charming nuance... Clotilde places great importance on the words, fully expressing every nuance of the text... the voice and soul of a black singer. Her dizzying scats are so free and easy.” CatfishRecord (JP) – June 2012

“Sie nutzt ihr Organ als Instrument wie jedes andere, sie improvisiert, flötet, fiept und schreit. Und sie interessiert sich für Brüche und Mashups. Insofern ist ihre Musik absolut zeitgemäß (…) Erlaubt ist, was Spass macht und diesen Spass merkt man ihr auch auf der Bühne an.” Udo Raaf – Tonspion (DE) – Mai 2012
“Elle utilise sa voix comme un instrument. Ainsi, elle improvise, chante d'une voix flûtée, piaille comme un oiseau et crie même. Elle s'intéresse aux ruptures et aux collages, et c’est en ce sens que sa musique est résolument actuelle (…) Elle fait ce qu’il lui plait et ce plaisir, elle le communique sur scène.”

“Chanteuse originale et déjà expérimentée à découvrir, Clotilde Rullaud, déploie ses talents et sa voix sur des thèmes de Monk, Gainsbourg, Bill Evans, Sting, Piazzolla, Duruflé. Eclectique, la dame. Elle ne s'ennuie pas, nous non plus.” Michel Contat – TT – Télérama (FR) – Avril 2012
“This original and experienced singer is a real discovery. This eclectic lady reveals her voice and talent on tunes by Monk, Gainsbourg, Bill Evans, Sting, Piazzolla and Duruflé. She is clearly having fun, and so are we.”

“Clotilde, une artiste exigeante. (…) Un travail d'équipe de très bon niveau, qu'il faut saluer.
 (…) Elle apporte l'univers du jazz sur toutes les musiques qu'elle touche. Mais avec une exigence nouvelle, pour aiguiser les oreilles de chacun.” Guy Sitruck – Jazz à Paris (FR) - Juillet 2011

“La liberté, l'intensité et la précision des arrangements et de l'interprétation, la richesse des univers explorés avec passion, font d'In Extremis un album brillant, audacieux, unique.” Sélection Jazz à FIP, France Musique (FR) – Juin 2011

“Her tastes are strikingly eclectic. And she has the technique and imagination to hold all the myriad influences together. Her rich, deep timbre is a thing of beauty. (**** & #5 Best Jazz albums 2011)” Clive Davis - The Sunday Times (UK) - May 2011

“Clotilde éblouit vocalement, cette diva moderne (dans le sens positif du terme), fait non seulement l'unanimité au sein de la presse spécialisée mais également auprès de l'auditeur. (…) Ce jazz sensuel, expérimental, intellectuel mais également instinctif fait voyager, rêver, et vibrer. En trois mots: flamboyant, impressionnant, incontournable.” Sabine de Greef – With Music In My Mind (BE) – Mai 2011
“This modern diva (in the positive sense of the term) Clotilde dazzles us with her voice, drawing a unanimously positive reception not only from the specialised press, but also from ordinary listeners. (…) This sensual, experimental, intellectual but also instinctive jazz takes our whole being on a dreamlike, vibrant journey. (..) In three words: flamboyant, impressive and essential.”

“Comme chez Nougaro, (…) c’est l’accord des mots et des textes (souvent poétiques) avec la musique qui intéresse d’abord la chanteuse et fonde l’essence même de son projet. Un album original et réussi pour qui n’est as un intégriste du cha-ba-da” Philippe Vincent – Jazzman-Jazzmag (FR) – Avril 2011
“A bit like Nougaro (indeed African Sketches recalls the Toulouse singer’s Locomotive d'Or), it is the marriage of words and texts (often poetic) with the music that interests the singer above all, and which forms the very essence of the album. An original and successful album for all those who like their jazz a little differently.”

“Ce que j'aime, ce que j'admire, ce qui m'impressionne, c'est la formidable impression de chant libre, parfois même risqué. Elle plane dans les sommets sans avoir l'air de s'inquiéter du résultat. Et le résultat est splendide !“ Serge Warin- Radio Canal Bleu (FR) – Avril 2011
“What I love; what I admire; what impresses me is a wonderful feeling of liberated song, sometimes dangerously so. She glides amongst the peaks without seeming to worry about the result. And it is splendid !“

“Une voix féminine qui s’exprime dans l’esprit du jazz : liberté, spontanéité et originalité. Elle a son origine sur notre vieux continent. La culture afro-américaine est pour elle une référence, indiscutablement mais sans caractère identitaire.” Thierry Giard – (FR) – Avril 2011
“A female voice in the true spirit of jazz: free, spontaneous and original. She’s deeply rooted in our old continent. The afro-American culture clearly remains a reference, but is never a question of belonging.”

“Dans son dernier album In Extremis, la chanteuse Clotilde mélange différents standards populaires avec des thèmes de Jazz. C’est ainsi qu’elle a marié fort opportunément, fort intelligemment et fort musicalement la fameuse Waltz for Debby de Bill Evans avec un autre thème de Gainsbourg La Noyée.” Pierre Bouteiller – “Si Bémol et Fadaises”, Radio TSF (FR) – Mars 2011

“Ce qu’on retient d’abord c’est sa voix riche de timbres sans effets gratuits. (…) une voix passant l’air de rien du frôlement de la mélodie à une affirmation, une décision prégnantes.” Jacques Chesnel – Citizenjazz (FR) – Mars 2011
“The first thing you notice is her perfect elocution and the rich timbres of her voice, free from gratuitous effects and frivolous ornamentations (…) Clotilde Rullaud moves smoothly between gossamer-delicate melody and decisive affirmation”

“D'emblée on sait que l'on entre dans son univers musical qui s'affranchit des formats du jazz standardisé. Chanteuse à sensations pour qui tout est affaire de feeling et de groove. (…)” Jean-Marc Gelin - Les Dernières Nouvelles du Jazz (FR) - Février 2011
“We are immediately aware that we are entering a musical world that is free of the standard jazz formats. Clotilde Rullaud is a singer whose airy gravity holds no clichés, her sublime arrangements interpreted by a band of quite excellent musicians.”

“Clotilde qui emboite à plusieurs reprises le français et l’anglais comme des poupées russes.” Alex Duthil – OpenJazz, Radio France Musique (FR) – Février 2011

“Une musique hybride, riches de cultures du mondes de l’Afrique au Brésil, sensible à la poésie et mêlant le Jazz, (…) avec plusieurs voix chantée, parlée, déclamée ou susurrée avec sensualité.” Jean-Daniel Burkhardt – Jazzology, Radio Judaïca (FR) – Février 2011
“This is hybrid music, enriched by world culture from Africa to Brazil, sensitive to poetry and blending jazz,(…) with a voice that sings, speaks, declaims and sensually murmurs”

“Sa voix agile d’un mezzo swinguant et profond, est de celles qui viennent de loin, tout simplement de la nécessité de chanter, comme un souffle sorti directement de l’âme. (…)” Laurent Valéro – “Easy Tempo”, Radio France Musique (FR) – Janvier 2011
“Her nimble mezzo voice is deep and swinging, seemingly raising from some faraway place, like the essence of the soul’s breath, a pure necessity to sing.”


released February 9, 2011

© & ℗ : Tzig'Art - Clotilde Rullaud - Album physically available in Australia, Benelux, France, Germany, Japan, UK & USA and on any digital plateform


all rights reserved



Clotilde Paris, France

Clotilde is a French singer, improviser, performer, song-writer, flutist and educator.
Her artistic approach stands at the crossroad of various musical influences. She blends together Latin, African, pop sounds and jazz improvisation, attesting to the wonderful melting pot that is jazz.
Poetry and the inner music of words also hold a key place in her artistic world.
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Track Name: This is it
THIS IS IT (m : Olivier Hutman - l : Clotilde Rullaud)

At the very first glance
We started the dance
Certain of what we had in our hands

Fell from the stars
Born to meet one day
2 better-halves as they say?

Nothing, no one to stop us
Only a great love between us
So tell me what happened?
This is it


U took me in your arms and murmured
That with a bit of will we'd do it
We will see our love grow and grow and grow (this is it)

U wrote me poetry and deep vows
U turned my life from dark thorn to rose
And promised me that our love would always be so! (this is it)

I opened up my door, invited u in
I listened to your words and started to sing
Our love would endlessly grow and grow and grow and grow and ?
(this is it)

I did give u my heart, my soul, my home
Without a doubt that u would keep them all
We went to parties, we drank, we smoked, we were 2 in love souls
(this is it)

Please let me come into you
Oh let me see your mind
Make your inner thoughts decipherable to me
Show me the beat of your heart, the rhythm of your soul
We didn't make it
This is it, This is!
Track Name: La bahiana
Bahiana :
m : Dano Haider – l : Emmanuel Delattre

Oui écoute la, voilà elle est partie
Illuminée, la langue habile babille
Imagine les mouvements chaloupés
Emmailler l’amalgamme de mots doux
Ouïe écoute la,… (reprise)

La Bahiana est une batifolante danse endiablée.
Affolant les lilas fleuris
Riant des éclats de vie
Vivant de larmes de pluie
Oui écoute la Bahiana.

C’est voluptueuse qu’on la savoure,
Oh sa senteur des îles dévoile son velours
Aah, la Bahiana
S’aventure savante en éclats d’amour
Track Name: Oblivion - Deux coeurs perdus
2 cœurs perdus
A : Clotilde Rullaud - C : Jean-Baptiste Laya et Clotilde Rullaud

2 cœurs perdus sur une tombe,
Dansent une nuit une folle ronde,
Parfums amers d’une blessure
Qui dure

Les noirs nuages couvrent le ciel,
Annoncent l’horreur d’une tempête,
De corps perdus qui font la fête,
Qui grondent.

Danse la terre, tournent les cris
Tu es mon mien, tu es ma vie,
Désormais morts et enterrés,
Une seule nuit nous est donnée

Enfin revoir ton doux visage,
La pureté de ton regard,
La douce chaleur de tes baisers
Et à nouveau se séparer

Oh danse, danse, danse, danse, danse,
Oh, oh, oh

2 électrons au bout du monde,
A chaque pôles pas une seconde,
Un seul répit pour retrouvailles,
Des funérailles.

Dansent, dansent les corps nus,
Implorent l’aurore pour leur salut
Une vie nouvelle, éternelle !
Et puis s’aimer, à tout jamais !

Dansent, dansent les corps nus,
Attendent l’aurore et leur salut
Une vie nouvelle, éternelle !
Et puis s’aimer, à tout jamais !

2 cœurs perdus sur une tombe,
Dansent une nuit une folle ronde,
Parfums amers d’une blessure
Qui dure
Track Name: The walk (after Pie Jesu from M. Duruflé)
The walk
(l: Colin O’Doherty & Clotilde Rullaud)

Grey skies, low mists and rain greet me.
But they can't stop the walk.

And so I walk, not randomly, but by design.
I walk to forget...
the burning, the shocking, the unending pain.

And the beauty of this place is lost.
Me, roads, beauty, pain - my pain.
Waiting, waiting for the day when I can leave.

Requiem, sempiter nam
Requiem, sempiter nam
Sempiter nam

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